Wednesday, February 21, 2007

When more is not enough

I think that we all need to take this quiz immediately to see if we need this product. Be warned, though, even a miracle drug like this may have some potential side effects.


justacoolcat said...

I didn't need to take the test. You had me at manscaping.

jin said...

Is that for real???
It can't be.
Gotta be a joke.

. . .

I took it anyway.

"Your score is 41.

If your score falls between 40-60 you should see your doctor immediately."

It's because of the Magnum PI dream, isn't it?!!?

Mob said...

Answering 'not often' to everything, I'm prompted that maybe I should examine whether or not I'm being honest, and that there's no shame in needing help.

Talk about there being no 'right' answer, even if I feel okay about my life, I'm probably lying.

They probably have a pill for that too.

Bubs said...

mob, it's ok. Everyone is lying.

Jin, this is totally real. So real that I've already eaten through three 250-count jars of the stuff, washed down with black coffee and Slimfast. I feel invincible.

Justa, the manscaping is merely the lure. Now you must be hooked and reeled in to enhanced living.

Dale said...

I'm buying. I'm only a 29. Which is also my goal i.q.