Friday, March 16, 2007

Return of the Random Ten

James Bond Theme—Monty Norman Orchestra

Pasties and a G String—Tom Waits

Walking on the Sun—Smashmouth

Red Hot—Billy Emerson

Flat Tire—Johnny London

Bourbon Street Jump—Raymond Hill

Blues Waltz—Ripley Cotton Choppers

Your Time Now—Fats Waller

Your Southern Can is Mine—White Stripes

Green, Green Grass of Home—Tom Jones


Kate said...

Green Green Grass of Home ALWAYS touches my maudlin bone.



Johnny Yen said...

Bourbon seems to be a theme for you this week. I think someone's trying to tell you something.

Joan Baez did a really nice version of Green, Green Grass of Home on "David's Album."

Have you ever seen "Mars Attacks?" Tom Jones saves the world. He's the bomb, man!

Tenacious S said...

I was just thinking, does anyone want to go the Big C Jamboree at Martyrs sometime? Happy Friday!!!

Chris said...

Another Fats Waller fan!? Awesome!

Bubs said...

Chris, you bet! Get this, though--that's actually from my 14-year-old daughter's record. She's a huge fan.

Ten, the Big C would be rockin! We only get to go every few months, but we love it. Let's get to making a plan, huh?

Johnny, I like Joan Baez, but she just makes death songs sound too pretty--like her version of "Banks of the Ohio." I like my prison and death songs more ragged around the edges. Mars Attacks is one of those movies (we own it) that we all love, but soooo many other people just hate. Tom Jones, as always, is too cool.

And bourbon is always a theme, ever since I embraced my heritage and watched "Blue Velvet" for the third or fourth time years ago.

Bubs said...

Kate, it's too bad Kristy doesn't have that on her karaoke. That would be rich, wouldn't it?

lulu said...

I'd do the Big C again, and I bet I could get Beautiful Jane and Perfect Steve to go too.

Grant Miller said...

A friend and I have gotten into an argument and perhaps you could help: Jack White - best blues guitarist since Hendrix?

Your thoughts?

Dale said...

Tom Waits is definitely a regular on your list and I'm with Kate on GGG of Home. But, Ripley Cotton Choppers? Now that's a band name!

Mob said...

Who in the world are the Ripley Cotton Choppers?

Nevermind, I'll just Google it.

Bubs said...

Dale and mob, the Ripley Cotton Choppers were a hillbilly band that recorded for Sun records. I got that one on a collection called "the Complete Sun Singles"; it was a multi-volume set. What's cool about it is you really can see the context Elvis emerged from. It's got a lot of black r&b, some blues, some hillbilly music, and then there's some rockabilly greats scattered throughout.

WELCOME, GRANT MILLER! I think this is our first visit from Grant Miller Media; we're flattered.

Jack White...I don't know how technically skilled he is, but he f*ckin rocks, and he rocks even better live than he does on record. I lack the music background to describe it, but he makes a guitar sound better, in my opinion, than anyone else around today.

Lulu, the more the merrier. MizBubs is working on taking the night off as we speak. The next Big C is the first Thursday of April, the 5th

justacoolcat said...

Sweet list and Waits after the Bond theme is made for movie soundtrack stuff.