Friday, March 30, 2007

Ten Friday Randoms

Sentimental Journey—Esquivel

Love Will Tear Us Apart—Nouvelle Vague

Eat My Words—Marti Brom

La Julie Jolie—Edith Piaf

What Keeps Mankind Alive—William Burroughs

Fade Together—Franz Ferdinand

Sunglasses After Dark—Dwight Pullen

I Ain't Got Nobody—Fats Waller

Parque Industrial—Caetano Veloso

The Winner Takes it All—Abba


Erik Donald France said...

Abba's always good for a jolt of energy -- what a list! I like it. There's something to this randomness.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a diverse list! How does that version of Love Will Tear Us Apart stand up to the original?

Johnny Yen said...

Wow! Now that's a varied list.

Is the Burroughs piece spoken word, or a cover of the Kurt Weil song?

lulu said...

I should have known that you were an Esquivel fan. The only CD of his that I own in the Christmas one; I need to branch out.

Bubs said...

lulu, yes indeed. While I love Esquivel at Christmas time, he's good year round. I try and put on a sharkskin jacket and get all swanky when I listen.

Johnny, it's a straight recitation of the Kurt Weill song, with a very stripped down musical accompaniment. He makes Tom Waits sound like Sinatra.

Eric, howdy! Yep, Abba always puts me in a good mood.
Barbara, it's a very smooth bossa nova version, again, very swanky. It makes me wish I could hear it in Portuguese. It's from their eponymous debut "Nouvelle Vague." Here's the whole playlist, all cover versions:

Love Will Tear Us Apart
Just Can't Get Enough
In A Manner Of Speaking
Guns Of Brixton
This Is Not A Love Song
Making Plans For Nigel
A Forest
I Melt With You
Teenage Kicks
Friday Night Saturday Morning

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Guns of Brixton and Teenage Kicks as smooth bosso novas? Cool!!

Dale said...

I downloaded some Nouvelle Vague after perhaps one of your earlier lists Bubs? and when it pops up on my mp3 player my head cocks for a second wondering what it is and then the head keeps moving. Fun stuff. Esquivel is very cool too.

"jew" "girl" said...

do you listen to the scissor sisters?

great play list! have you heard the song TAKE ME OUT? you would looooooooooooove it!

"jew" "girl" said...

you have to hear franz ferdinand's revision of take me out. the slower version. it is so fan-fuckin-tastic. you will love it.

ok, i'm done now, i promise.

Bubs said...

J.G. I'll have to look for that. The youngest is a HUGE franz ferdinand fan, but I only know the fast version. My friend Dena is a big Scissor Sisters fan, and I think they're ok, but I don't have any of their music.

Dale, glad you like Nouvelle Vague. Your frequent Edith Piaf references have gotten me to dig up some of her recordings, and my youngest now listens to her almost exclusively.

Anonymous said...

Actually Dad, we have the clean version of Nouvelle Vague. We don't have their amazing version of "Too Drunk to F**k". John totally let me down by giving me the clean version...