Friday, April 27, 2007

Friday Random Ten--Lazy Afternoon Edition

It's one of those in-between kind of days. I should have spent the day in a cleaning frenzy, but instead I slept late and took MizBubs to lunch, then went shopping and bought birthday and Mothers Day gifts and cards. I'll pick up my youngest from school in a few minutes, and then get ready for work. The honor guard is going to present colors at the start of a retirement party tonight, so I'll have to shave off the sideburns and soul patch and make myself presentable.

Know what's pissing me off? I can't hit the sauce until after the ceremony, so I'm totally being screwed out of the inaugural Margarita Friday.

Today is my mom's birthday, so I'll meet the rest of the family over there after I'm done at work. That will be good.

Here's the random ten:

Rabbit Fighter—T. Rex

Progress—Bad Religion

We Kiss in a Shadow—Martin Denny

aka I-D-I-O-T—The Hives

Hellbound Train—Three Bad Jacks

Mr. Block—Utah Phillips

Cool it Down—The Velvet Underground

Centre For Holy Wars—The New Pornographers

What We All Want—Gang of Four

In the Backseat—Arcade Fire


Chris said...

I've said it before, you've got a killer taste in music. I thought I was the only one who listened to Utah Phillips.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey-- I'd forgotten about this until recently-- when I was married to Cynthia, my now-ex-wife, Utah Phillips played a gig at our dance studio, the Flamenco Arts Center. It was a benefit to get a grave and headstone for Eddie Balchowsky, a Lincoln Brigade vet who'd died and was buried in a pauper's grave. I'll post about it soon.

Johnny Yen said...

PS- Don't worry-- there'll be many, many more Margarita Fridays!

Dino aka Katy said...

Happy Birthday Bubs mom

greetings from Miami - no alligators in side - so far

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Oh my what a sweet sweet list - from Gang of Four through T Rex and the VU to the Hives and New Pornos and Arcade Fire - I want to live in that list.

Happy Birthday Mama Bubs!! Bye-bye soul patch.

Dale said...

Detox on a Friday seems so wrong. I had one for you.

Erik Donald France said...

Oooh -- Gang of Four. Cool -- I remember doing a comparison/contrast with Gang of Four and early The Cure. I still have a sampler record called Mutant Pop with "Armalite Rifle."

Tenacious S said...

Now I know two people who like the Three Bad Jacks. The dad in one of the families I work with plays guitar in rockabilly bands and loves the Three Bad Jacks.

Splotchy said...

Happy Birthday to your ma.

It's prolly sacrilegious to say so, but "Cool It Down" is my favorite VU song off of Loaded -- I like it even more than "Sweet Jane" and "Rock 'N Roll".

Bubs said...

Splotchy, I think that is sacrilegious. I really do.

Ten, I got that track off a compilation called "Billy Vol. I" that's got a lot of cool stuff on it.

Erik, great song--Armalite Rifle.

Dale, you're right. It is so very wrong. I'm trying to play catch up now, and it's already early Sunday morning.

Barbara, once again half my choices are my eldest daughter's music. I confess I'm not a big fan of Arcade Fire. But I take credit for introducing her to the Hives, T Rex, Bad Religion and the New Pornographers.

Katy, glad to hear no gators so far--remember, CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

Johnny, thanks for the encouraging words. MizBubs' dad knew Eddie from when he played the Quiet Knight in the 70's.

Chris, have you ever heard the stuff Utah Phillips did with Ani DeFranco?