Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter III: Lord of the Harvest

See that poster in the background? Does it refer to the big moldy-smelling pink bunny, back from the pet sematary to visit the kids at Sunday school? The little girl on the left knows it's harvest time, and bunny has come to collect.


Tenacious S said...

I love how all the kids are pinned into their highchairs with no chance for escape. Isn't restraint illegal these days?

Johnny Yen said...

There was a guy who sold the homeless paper in front of the post office I go to, at Ashland and Wellington, named Michael. Around Easter every year, he had this awful, filthy, battered bunny costume he'd put on. I didn't have the heart to tell him how scary he was.

Mrs. Yen used to go to that post-office when her daughter was little (when she was with ex-husband) and said her daughter was terrified of the costume.

Bubs said...

Johnny, oh my god. What could be more impressive than a homeless or mentally ill person in a bunny costume. That's better than drunk or crazy clowns or Santa's any day.

Ten, I imagine at least one of those kids pitched over sideways, chair and all, just after this photo was taken in a desperate attempt to get away.