Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter IV: Now it's dark

My eldest noted that someone appears to have photoshopped an evil bunny head onto a scary Santa. No problem--either way, the kid cries.


lulu said...

I think that might be a wolf.

Bubs said...

nice avatar!

Wolf, cat creature, something...nice effect in any event.

I see you were out our way over the weekend. Dang, should have had you stop by.

We need to get together soon.

lulu said...

I owe the avatar to the pinup girls site.

Am actually still at my parents' palce, just getting ready to leave, and hopefully it won't take me an hour and a half to get back home.

Would love to see to see you and Mizbubs again soon....let's plan something.

(my word verification is "chubhowl")

Mob said...

Anything in a strange suit holding a child is usually creepy, rabbit, Santa, whoever it may be.

Danny Tagalog said...

That's the creepiest thing you have put up....!

Dino aka Katy said...

okay they are all really creepy - hope you had a nice day too

Dale said...

Bubs, you truly do provide services scarcely found elsewhere. I thought of you today when I snapped some photographs of the Torture Dungeons at the Tower of London. I'll see how they turned out when I get home and give you something as equally frightening to look at. Cheers as they say here.

Grant Miller said...

In the days before Photoshop, a friend of mine worked at a Kmart photo. He sometimes stole pictures that were too funny to pass up. The best one was - totally real - the cutest boy and daughter standing before a Christmas tree. the only thing is the picture was shot just as the boy was sneezing a huge snot on his totally unsuspecting sister. I used it as a Xmas card many years ago.

Bubs said...

Grant Miller, thank you for reminding the young people how hard we used to have to work for our fun back in the day. That is awesome!

Dale, can't wait to see em! Cheers back atcha.

katy, the day was actually really nice. Hope yours was as well. I think the creepy stuff makes me appreciate everything else all the more.

Danny, dig through the archives, you might be surprised.

Mob, yes it is. It really makes you wonder what people are thinking doesn't it?

Lulu, "chubhowl"? That was my nickname at the police academy!

Melinda June said...

Bloody Hell, man. Is there no end to your perversions?

By the way, now that I've met dale you and Miz Bubs are next on the list.

Bubs said...

MJ, the short answer to your question

We are sitting here in the midwest eagerly awaiting your next trip back. Lulu, Tenacious and Johnny Yen can vouch that I clean up fairly well and don't usually break things in social settings.