Friday, June 01, 2007

Finally Friday Random Ten

This Friday was, simultaneously, long overdue and here before I knew it. I've been on a fierce Elvis Costello kick the past few days and I was pleased one of his tracks showed up this morning. I thought these choices, taken as a group, were strangely downbeat. I wonder what gives...

Bop With Me Baby—Johnny Tate

Poisoned Rose—Elvis Costello

Emotional Abuse—Horrorpops

For Your Love—The Yardbirds

Holiday Hill—Wallace Walters

You Burn Me Up and Down—We The People

n'y va pas manuel—Edith Piaf

Police State in the USA—Anti-Flag

Big Spender—Peggy Lee

Woe—Tom Waits


Dale said...

I wonder what you've done now Bubs to deserve this. Maybe I should read posts in reverse order the way I'm meant to first to find out.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Elvis is the new black apparently. He's all over the place and oddly was singing about Roses on my list as well.

Erik Donald France said...

Looking forward to seeing the new Piaf movie. Looks good.

justacoolcat said...

Piaf and Costello have been coming up in my iPod a lot lately. I know I only have a fraction of my music downloaded to the thing, but there are two thousand songs on it and to get three Ediths in a row is odd defying. To have it happen regularly is just weird. I think my iPod is developing it's own taste in my music.