Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Birthday, SPAM!

On July 5, 1937, the wonder of modern food product technology that is SPAM first appeared in American markets. Originally known as Hormel Spiced Ham, creative genius Kenneth Daigneau came up with the name "SPAM" and won $100 for his efforts.


  • Spammy the Pig, the company mascot, appeared on the Burns and Allen Show?
  • Margaret Thatcher described SPAM as a "wartime delicacy"?
  • Haile Selassi I, founder of Rastafarianism, visited the SPAM plant in 1954?
I gotta say I loved SPAM as a kid. One of my favorite treats was a fried SPAM sandwich on white bread. I loved SPAM and eggs, too. No Boy Scout camping trip was complete without at least one can of SPAM. Years later, when my kids were young, I bought some SPAM after telling them how much I'd enjoyed it as a boy. And you know what?

It sucked.

A couple months ago we tried SPAM again, this time in the company of Johnny Yen, Lulu and Tenacious S. We were several zombies into an evening at Tiki Terrace, and I got the bright idea of ordering some SPAM sushi. Yes I did. Evidently SPAM is mighty popular in the Hawaiian islands. While it didn't suck, I haven't had a hankerin' for SPAM sushi either. I hope my drinking companions have forgiven me.


Johnny Yen said...

For my part, there was no forgiving necessary, particularly given that I didn't have to eat the Spam sushi, and that your drink recommendation was spot on-- I don't like tropical drinks and I loved that tropical drink I had at the Tiki Terrace. What was the name of it again?

Splotchy said...

Stop saying SPAM!

Apart from that, a lovely, informative post.

To my knowledge, I haven't had this particular pinkish foodstuff, but that's not to say I never will.

Chris said...

Same here. I have never eaten SPAM to the best of my knowledge.

Beth said...

I never liked Spam. But I never liked ham, either.

(It this wasn't written pre-coffee, I could turn the comment into a Seussian classic.)

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Many decades have passed since I last had Spam and for this I am grateful. I may have to rethink my plans to visit Hawaii some day.

Still, though, it wasn't anywhere near as nasty as the bully beef (I think it was canned corn beef) thatmy dad used to bring home from the army sometimes.

Grant Miller said...

My wife lived in Hawaii years ago and said SPAM was everywhere there. I've never had it and doubt I ever will after reading your post.

Melinda June said...

Spam rocks. The only thing that kicks its ass is Velveeta.

Coaster Punchman said...

Spam makes great pizza burgers. Seriously. Here's what you do:

Take a can of Spam. Mix with two cups shredded mozzarella, one can tomato paste, one tsp. each of black pepper, garlic salt and oregano. Spread on hamburger buns and broil, open face, until melty.

The only gross part is that you have to mix it with your hands to get it all combined.

I wouldn't touch Spam with a ten foot pole, but I'd been eating these for years and never even knew they were Spam. I've also served them to people as snacks and they're always like "hmmmm, this is good, how did you make these?"

Bubs said...

CP, I had forgotten you were originally from the midwest. Until you sprang that recipe on me. You have not steered me wrong yet, so I think I'll go buy a can o' spam later today and give it a whirl.

Melinda, VELVEETA?!? Whew. Next thing you'll be telling me how to make delicious casseroles using Campbell's cream of mushroom soup as a starter.

Grant, I'll have you over for pizza burgers if CP's recipe works out for me.

Barbara, that canned corned beef sounds pretty raunchy. I remember it was a huge improvement when we switched from "c" rations (canned stuff) to MRE's.

Beth, how does one live in the south and not like ham?

Chris, Splotchy, that settles it. Next blogger outing we're all eating some SPAM.

Johnny, I can't remember what you had. You said it wasn't the suffering bastard or a fog cutter. Was it a zombie?