Wednesday, August 15, 2007

And the winner is...

It's a two way tie!

Yes, readers Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein and Dino aka Katy have tied, with 11 correct answers each. Well done!
(Although, Dr. MVM, while I don't think Katy is doping, she might have had an unfair ethnic advantage. I'm just saying. You might want to have your people look into it.)

2nd place, also a tie, goes to Chris and Kirby, with 10 correct answers each. Great job!

3rd place went to MizBubs, with 9 correct answers, called out to me in person as she read the screen and handed me another beer.

I was thinking of a tie-breaking
LIGHTNING ELIMINATION ROUND, but MizBubs informed me that the incest story about the brother & sister with 4 kids has been too widely publicized to be useful for such a purpose.

Here are the answers. Each "Germany" or "Florida" is a link to the item's original story, and I'll have a few comments at the end.

  1. A man stabs his friend in the back with a fish. FLORIDA

  2. A bus driver tries to kick a woman off his bus for being too hot. GERMANY

  3. Police don't charge man who upset his neighbors by throwing a computer out the window. GERMANY

  4. A man is arrested for beating his brother with a garden gnome. FLORIDA

  5. Family members are arrested for giving alcohol to a 10 month old baby and videotaping it. FLORIDA

  6. Zookeepers get in trouble for killing animals and selling them as meat. GERMANY

  7. Police, alerted by neighbors complaining of a bad smell and uncollected mail, do a premise check expecting to find a corpse. They find a man with hygiene problems and dirty laundry. GERMANY

  8. A hospital patient bit a nurse in the face and armpit when the nurse refused to give the patient more painkillers. FLORIDA

  9. A naked tattooed woman is spotted gassing up her sports car and buying smokes. GERMANY

  10. A man asks a passing police car for a ride, and gets arrested because he forgot to dump the weed he was carrying at the time. FLORIDA

  11. A 480 pound woman dies after spending 6 years on the couch. FLORIDA

  12. A 340 pound man is sentenced to 18 months in prison for repeatedly playing dine n' ditch. GERMANY

  13. A stripper performs CPR on her customer after he falls out during her performance. FLORIDA


Ok, a few things. No offense intended, but anyone who guessed "Germany" for # 5, or to a lesser extent, # 10, really needs to put a little more thought into this. I'm thinking of hosting some type of training program, including extensive reading and field work, to better acquaint some of y'all with the patterns and habits of F.W.T. (Florida White Trash). I may have to limit class size based on what kind of early-model porno'd-out conversion van I'm able to procure for transportation, and how big a trailer we'll be staying in while we're in the field. You'll have to bring your own Busch Light, crack and lottery tickets.

I had to leave some information out of the descriptions in order to not give things away. For instance, if I had specified "catfish" for question # 1, it would have immediately identified it as a Florida story.
Some of you had some pretty good reasoning behind your choices, and some of the questions were tricky. Clearly, lots of people associate bad smells and poor hygiene more with Florida than Germany. People tend to associate garden gnomes and cannibalism or biting with Germany, and tattoos with Florida. It's easy to get those confused.

Johnny Yen brought up an interesting point when he picked # 11 as Germany, saying that someone that size would "only have lasted
3 years in Florida." Now, here's where it gets counterintuitive: a logical person would think that the insane heat and humidity of Florida would do in the morbidly obese faster, and that would seem to be reasonable. But if you've spent any time in the deep south, especially in Florida (although I'll put Louisiana up against any state in the union in the Gilbert Grape's mom-sized character department) you know that epic obesity goes with heat and humidity like Yoo Hoo goes with Moon Pies.

Finally, I'm pleased that two contestants went with the "it's all Florida" technique. Not a bad bet. Big Orange went with the straight "all Florida", which brought him 7 correct answers. Grant Miller, clearly taking advantage of his background in journalism, picked "all Florida" with the added caveat of identifying #6 as a German story. Well-played, Mr. Miller!

For those of you who got fewer than 5 correct...make sure you get on my mailing list so you can sign up for the Official S.R.C. Euro-Freak or Gator Trash Home Correspondence Course when it's released.

Thanks for playing the game!

Not today, terrorists. Not today.


Dino aka Katy said...

considering that I had a definate advantage - one I am German but have a mother currently residing in Florida and - two I contributed some of the stories

I still got 2 wrong and had a few I had to guess. I knew that no respecting German would involve a Gnome in a fight. Nor would they tape giving alcohol to a baby (note I did not say they wouldn't give it to the baby just that they wouldn't tape it) And I can't think of any German that would voluntarily talk to the police let along ask for a ride.

thanks great game

Johnny Yen said...

Yeah, what is it with morbid obesity and the south? Undoubtedly, a good part of it is the diet. One of my brothers was married to a southern girl for a while (North Carolina), and one of her treats was white bread slathered in either lard or butter, with loads of sugar on top.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Woo hooo! I rule! Bow down to me you thugs and morons! I am the stupid trivia king! Nah nah nah, I win, nah nah nah.

Wow, am I a poor winner or what?

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Congrats to the winner! Go forth and multiply.

Thank god I got more than 5 correct or I would be forced to sit on my couch eating lard sandwiches the rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

A tie? A tie? There are no ties in blogging. There must be a naked cage match between Monkerstein and Dino to determine the winner.

Bubs said...

Sounds good Kirby, and I'll line up a similar match for you and Chris to break that 2nd place deadlock. Swords or pistols?

Barbara, you were lucky this time.

Dr. MVM, before you get too cocky I'll say these two words to you:

Tommy Tester.

Dude, you live in "Johnson" City.

Congratulations though! Very well done. You clearly have a developed and advanced sense of regional freakery.

Johnny, it's a southern thing for sure. MizBubs, when she met me, was appalled to see me butter a cinnamon roll. For the record though, I've never buttered a donut.

Katy, great job anyway! For the record, even the originators of the game, Dr. Drew and Adam Corola, usually scored around 50% or just a little better than that.