Thursday, August 23, 2007

Splotchy asked for snotty

I was recently asked to participate in Splotchy's Green Monkey Music Project. Maybe I should have been offended that he thought I'd have plenty of snotty music, but no--I was flattered! And, as it turns out, we've got plenty of snotty music. I sat down with my eldest daughter and we started picking out tunes.

The first tune that came to mind was Iggy Pop's "Dog Food" off his 1980 album Soldier. That is one snotty record, and before I re-read the instructions, and contacted Splotchy directly because I was too dense to follow them anyway, our list of 37 snotty songs was about 2/3 Iggy Pop.
We whittled that down and here's what we ended up with:

Dog Food by Iggy Pop--From the opening puking sound to the closing line "dog food is my whole life, dog food composes my wife" this is one snotty song. Close runners-up to this opener were I Snub You, Take Care of Me, Loco Mosquito and I'm a Conservative from the same record. Shoot, why didn't we choose any Stooges songs? Beats me...

Platypus by Green Day--My daughter picked out this one, and at first I didn't recognize it. Then, when it degenerated into a series of obscene insults halfway through, I did. Good choice.

Fodderstompf by Public Image Ltd.--I knew something from Public Image would show up on here. Is anyone in the world snottier than Johnny Lydon? I ended up going with Fodderstompf because Johnny insulted me, personally, when I shouted it out as a request at a PIL show at the old Granada Theater. His response to my request: "You think I can remember all the f*cking words to THAT? F*ck you you silly c*nt." Runners-up were Religion from the same album and Track 8 from "Flowers of Romance."

Dirt by Lou Reed--This one's almost too dirge-like to be snotty, but Lou still manages. Dirt is off the phenomenally brilliant but depressing album "Street Hassle." We almost chose Vicious from "Transformer" but that seemed too obvious.

People Ain't No Good by The Cramps--One of my favorite bands, ever. To me, most of their songs are too snarly to be snotty, but the chorus of little kids singing "people ain't no good" put this song right into snottyville.

Baby's On Fire by Brian Eno--My daughter surprised me with this one. She's recently gotten a bunch of Brian Eno, and she suggested this right away. This is way snottier than I remembered, a perfect combination of lyrics and tone.

Pretty Vacant by the Sex Pistols--We knew we had to have a Sex Pistols song on here somewhere, and once again my kid came through. "We're so pretty, oh so pretty, we're vacant...and we don't care..."

Oh Bondage, Up Yours by X-Ray Spex--This is one of MizBubs' favorite songs from the old days. No one sounded like X-Ray Spex. In perhaps the snottiest move of all, lead singer Poly Styrene left the band and joined the Hare Krishna.

Bonus round: Sit On My Face Stevie Nicks by The Rotters--When Splotchy asked for one more track this was the first one I thought of. I first heard this as a high school senior in late 79 or 80. So over the top it's really a novelty song, almost a parody of punk. When I looked it up I was amazed to find out that the Rotters are still around. Jello Biafra described them as "another one of those bands that forgot to break up."


Beth said...

You and the daughter have an interesting record collection. I can't wait to download these from The Splotch.

Splotchy said...

Wonderful descriptions of your selections!

Isn't 2/3 of all snotty music from Iggy Pop or the Stooges? You might not remember, but I first heard Soldier when MizBubs put it on when we were visiting you guys many moons ago.

The only song I suspected your eldest picked out was the Green Day. That was quite a snotty score with the Eno.

I've loaded this mix on the ol' MP3 player and am looking forward to wearing it out.

Thanks again for playing.

anandamide said...

I thought I was the only one who owned a copy of Street Hassle (somewhat self-centred: yeah, it sold 1 copy !!). The title track is epic. and with that weird Bruce Springsteen cameo....

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Dude, I love your family more with every passing day.

Bubs said...

anandamide, I know! I remember reading somewhere that Springsteen was recording "Darkness On The Edge Of Town" at the same studio when he did that. It's like a more listenable, up-tempo "Berlin"

Splotchy, cool! That's one of MizBubs' favorite records ever, and one of our first concert dates--Iggy Pop, with the Dead Boys opening, at the Riviera.

Beth, what's great about my daughter (among many things) is that she's gone and dug up stuff we listened to 25 or 30 years ago, and/or used to have on vinyl, and gotten digital versions. My wife is happy with her huge collection of glam rock, and I'm happy to come in and hear Gang of Four and Brian Eno.

Bubs said...

Dr MVM, why thank you.

Flannery Alden said...

God, I didn't realize what a gaping hole there is in my music library! I don't think I've heard any of your songs either. I look forward to listening to your mix.

Bill T said...

Thanks for reminding me how great "Soldier" is. I need a digital copy because we just don't play the old cassettes much. My favorite line, on an album full of great lines:
Splish splash, I was Jim Jones.

Do you remember "Underbitch" by the Poison Girls. Millitant feminist snotty is in a class by itself.

Bubs said...

Bill, yes I do!! Wow, that takes me back! The full line you refer to I like even better:

"Moving and grooving with the Son of Sam,
Splish Splash, I was Jim Jones!"

Flannery, girl, you don't have any old punk rock music? We gots to fix that.

Erik Donald France said...

LOVE these -- wow -- great to see them mashed together --

"We only wanted to be loved. . ."

"This is RELIGION!" Wahwhahwahwah

Dale said...

Bubs, please don't tell the others but I think I loved your snot more than theirs. Maybe because I'm more familiar with it. Baby's On Fire is one of my long time favourites. Sex Pistols, Cramps, PiL, Lou & get it. Thanks a bunch!

bigshoulders said...

I heard that, Dale. :)
Bubs, that's sweet that your daughter likes the same music as you.

Awesome mix... some are new to my ears, but others, like the Brian Eno track for instance, are pure gold. I forgot how good that song is.


Tenacious S said...

Dude, I have a sinus infection just thinking about these songs!

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What a great snotty collection! O Bondage Up Yours is a perfect choice. And Fodderstompf! Great move. John Lydon swore at you? Perfect - now there's a story for the grandkids.