Friday, December 14, 2007


When I realized it's the weekend already, and only 11 days to Christmas, I felt a lot like the kid in this picture.

HAY SUP indeed.

You know, it seems like as good a time as any to get back into posting Friday Random Ten selections. So, here's mine for today:

Peace In The Valley—Elvis Presley

Bonaparte's Retreat—Willie Nelson

Rockin' & Rollin'—Curley Langley & His Western Allstars

Saving All My Love For You—Tom Waits

On The Road—Tom Waits

This Year's Girl—Elvis Costello & The Attractions

Done You Wrong—Danny Mote

Sleeping In—The Postal Service

Crawdad Song—Hal Moore

Swamp Fire—Martin Denny

I love this. The first song, appropriately enough, is from Elvis, and it's one of my favorite gospel tunes of his. Johnny Cash and June Carter do an awesome version too, but I think I lean toward Elvis'. Nice to hear at this time of year.


Finally, a question for all my Canadian readers.

Do all Canadian cops assume cool names when they join the police service? Are the names assigned to them by the department, or do you have to have a cool name to begin with before you even apply for the job?

"In general, if there is an alternative solution to judicial action available we'll exercise that," said Sgt. Law Power. "But in this particular case arresting these males was in the best interest of the victim and the school."

I was just wondering, is all.


Mizbubs said...

"There was no big physical assault where someone got punched in the mouth, but it did involve a number of pranks over a period of time," he said.

Arrested for pranks?! Just one more reason why we're moving to Canada. No, the girls and I are moving to Canada. Bubs is too far gone. One look and the Canadian authorities would recognize him for the prankster he is! We'll meet at the border for conjugal visits, Honeybubs.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

Law Power is Max's brother. Only he left Springfield and moved to Pictou County about 15 years ago. So, you see, he is actually American.

jewgirl said...

You are so damn funny. Sgt. Law Power sounds like the names of the Los Angeles weathermen: Dallas Raines and Johnny Mountain. Shameful enough?!

That image is so hysterical.

What did you get the bubbsie girls for the hollies? Wait, that was a stupid question, you won't post it. Duh. I'll wait until your post Christmas blog.

Dale said...

After we finish soap opera acting school, we're given the names and then join the appropriate occupation. It's not just cops, it's everything here Bubs!

The manager of my local liquor store is named Boozy the Clown. See? It fits.

Katy's cell said...

shhhhh don't make me laugh they'll know iam not paying attention and wont let me go with Jin to the saloon

SamuraiFrog said...

Oh, man, that picture just gave me the biggest laugh I've had in days. I mean, the sheer look of terror in that kid's eyes! I can't stop giggling!