Monday, June 09, 2008

Yes, we're ready

The question is, what are we ready for?

In the immediate sense, I'm ready for the next few days of firearm instructor school. I know, I know, it looks like I'm preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse, but that's just the stuff I need for school this week: a handgun, three magazines, a shotgun, cleaning kit (the Otis Elite, a present from my thoughtful bride) eye and ear protection, 300 rounds of 9mm handgun ammo and a few accessories. And really, how cool is it that there is a gun-cleaning system named after the town drunk on a 1960's TV show?

One of the things about this class is, I have to come up with a topic, prepare a lesson plan for it, and then do a 7 minute presentation. This is pretty basic instructor development stuff, and I've done this kind of thing before, so I figure I'll have a little fun. Here's my proposed topic:

"Recognizing and responding to the early stages of a flesh-eating zombie outbreak."

Hopefully the instructor has a sense of humor.

All this talk of zombie outbreaks has me thinking of bite wounds. And bite wounds make me think of my eldest and her ongoing experiments with special effects makeup. The other day she got hold of some dental casting materials--alginate, trays and plaster--from a special effects guy she met recently. This guy is making a set of fangs for her, and she's going to wear them at Flashback Weekend in Rosemont later this month. She's going to model the fangs, and then do a casting for anyone who's interested in buying a pair. She'll pass the castings to the sfx dude, and the purchaser will get a custom set of fangs within a couple of weeks.

In the meantime her dental casting experiments are providing us all with loads o' fun:

I told her that with these materials it would actually be possible to duplicate and then plant someone's fingerprints at a crime scene. She's only going to use her powers for good, though. She also asks, while you're at it, to please come down and root for her in the Zombie Pinup contest. She'll be the zombie nurse.

I'm proud of her.


SkylersDad said...

I love the name of your topic! During my years of writing training materials, I was never allowed to have any fun like that. I think it would have made a much better course.

Chapter Title:
Head shots versus body shots.
For class discussion, how much ammo do I have? How many zombies am I facing? What is my reload time?

Could be a lot of fun!

Bubs said...

Well, my idea was shot down. The instructor said I needed to pick another topic, so I'm doing the brachial stun. Oh well.

lauralu said...

Hey Bubs,

7 mins will go really fast so be ready and have it all rehearsed, etc etc. You'll be great. Laura.

Mathman6293 said...

I read the boy your list of items for school. He said, " I want to go to there, too." All boy.

Jewgirl said...

As am I. Love Oldest Dawta. The child is brilliant. I'm on the site now, is there a way I can vote for her, or do I have to be there in person. Please tell her that I KNOW SHE'LL WIN! SHE HAS TO WIN! SHE'S TOO FABULOUS NOT TO WIN! It's in the bag.