Tuesday, June 10, 2008

That clown won't go away

At least, not until someone guesses who it is.

Come on. Isn't there a New Yorker or art fan among you who can figure this out?

Maybe a couple more pictures will help:


Grant Miller said...

I know who that is. It's Eliot Spitzer.

Splotchy said...

Ann Magnuson

Take it away
Take it all away

p0nk said...

pam anderson w/o makeup

Bubs said...

p0nk, good guess, but no.

Splotchy, you're getting warm. But no.

Grant Miller, although I have heard he paid extra for this kind of thing, it's not him.

Erik Donald France said...

Whoever that Bozo is, make it go away!


Erik Donald France said...

Send in the Frowns!

Jewgirl said...

I don't know who that clown is. What era? Who's the clown? Spill.