Thursday, July 03, 2008


MizBubs' elbow is seen slaving away in the Sprawling Ramshackle Compound test kitchen, stirring sauces.

The lighter sauce on the left is a North Carolina style mustard and vinegar based sauce. It's vinegary all right. The one on the right is a more mid-south sauce, heavier on the molasses and brown sugar. We ended up adding some chipotle and chocolate to make it richer, and it's gotten quite a bit darker since this picture was taken.

In many cultures, especially in our home, the man with the most pork is widely regarded as a god-king in the community.

This is what 30 pounds of pork shoulder looks like before it gets rubbed with spices and put back in the refrigerator to prepare for 8-10 hours of hickory smoking tomorrow. 30 pounds of pork shoulder will probably cook down to about 20 pounds of meat, and at 6 oz per serving for pulled pork sandwiches that should be about 53 servings.

Dystopia, our eldest, hoisted Old Glory out front today. It was an inspiring moment.

One thing I like about our family are the random moments. Like coming home and finding this little tableau: a note written to our eldest while she was house-sitting, now spotted with some stage blood from the horror con. Resting on top of that was a sharp little gardening tool that the youngest had just used to tear up the weeds from the front walk. Here is the effect:

I don't know, it just looked kind of crime-sceney to me. In a good way.

OK, can we start blowing stuff up yet?


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I will gladly serve the god king if he serves me pork first.

lulu said...

I am totally geeked for pork. See you tomorrow.

DCup said...

I just sat and stared a salivated. I'm such a fool for barbecue.

Happy 4th to the Compound!

kirby said...

I like that last photo. It looks like Lizzie Borden's to-do list.

Jewgirl said...

The fruit of your loins leave kick ass notes. Very crime sceney.

Youse really know how to throw a spread, bubbsie.

GETkristiLOVE said...

You can come to Boulder and be god-king with that pork and SV will be your bitch, for sure.