Saturday, November 08, 2008

Daniel Cunningham thanks you for your support

Daniel Cunningham is this week's Freak of the Week. The former "Dr." Cunningham won with an impressive plurality; Spuds the Vicar and Peemaster Devaux tied for second place with 4 votes each.

What makes Daniel such a compelling character?

Our eldest said it's partially his resemblance to Heaven's Gate cult leader Marshall Applewhite:



I think he's clearly a charismatic figure. I mean, not anyone could convince people to pay rent to live under a scaffold with a tarp over it, while also persuading them to submit to mystery injections. I took time out from sitting and obsessing about how Cunningham managed to wield a hypo while wearing socks on his hands to look up more about this slumlord and medical trailblazer. A little searching found this link to the Honolulu Star Bulletin guide to 2008 mayoral candidates.

In his profile, Cunningham lists his job as "unlicensed doctor" and states that he had his "license revoked for the medical discovery to extend life indefinitely". How's that for straight talk?

I'm going to go ahead and post the profile questions and his answers. All I can say is, if President-elect Obama's staff has not yet gotten Dr. Cunningham on board, they'd better do so quickly.

The questions are in bold italics, and Cunningham's answers appear in dark red:

What qualifies you to be Honolulu’s mayor?

Good ideas and determination.

My doctor’s license was revoked for an inexpensive “in vivo” stem cell therapy in 1996. I got the Free Energy Party on the ballot in 2002 and I have repeatedly run for mayor and governor since.

I have also been on KITV television over a “house in Kalihi” for the homeless and ‘Olelo Channel 54 to put the U.S. Navy on the grid and a 21st-century “Noah’s Ark” built with steel and reinforced glass and plastic. The result is an accountable government that pays the citizen, cleans the planet of mercury poisoning, and is infinitely energy independent.

If elected, will you proceed with the city’s planned rail transit project?

No, rather, a rail in a floating capacity to industry and real estate at Keehi Lagoon via the confluence of the freeways, airport and city. Such a rail for transitioning large populations of people into a floating existence by building a mega-pool cleaner would have a joint mushroom effect upon the economy given access to nuclear. Electric vehicles that don’t break down would best be privately owned without insurance necessity.

Nuclear affords the capability to boil every drop of water on this planet an unlimited number of times and is 3 million times as efficient as coal.

Under what circumstances would you consider raising city taxes or fees?

Under no circumstance. The power to tax is the power to destroy. Why not a floating government that provides, protects and segregates. A $10/hour job on decommissioned nuclear aircraft carriers converted to steel mill/recycle centers for prisoners is a secure tax base until obsolescence. The best rehab is a good job with a future. So far government is a dismal failure. It does not recycle half what to speak of mercury-laidened light bulbs.

In a floating capacity government efficiency is improved 1,000 percent and truly becomes a tool of the people.

What can the mayor do to address the homeless problem on Oahu?

Provide an effective structure by which function will inevitably occur. Decommissioned Navy ships integrated with a diversified dock system built with recycled materials would serve as the scaffolding for the mega-pool cleaner and interim living facilities for the needy as well as a job market.

Our education is an inheritance. “Inherit the Kingdom at hand having been prepared for you from the beginning of the world.” Matt 25:34. If the Bible is relevant “heaven” somewhere else is a Babylonian myth. Why not create infinite wealth and change through progress? Change is the only universal constant.

What can the city do to help residents cope with rising prices and an ailing economy?

Edmund Rothchild stated that if he controls the currency man can make whatever laws he likes but Rothchild will determine their destiny. There is an alternative to a privately owned fiat money system.

A floating desalinisation plutonium economy provides a limitless source of power for a stable economy. Money is power only to the extent of confidence in the paper itself which has no intrinsic value. Electricity as power has intrinsic value in the performance of work. As the cost of electricity goes down into oblivion so does the necessity for money.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

And here I thought Dr. Mengele was dead.

Randal Graves said...

I see a late night infomercial in this guy's future.

Dale said...

Dark red seems so fitting for this character, yikes! I may have just voted for him. In your previous post, not at the polls.

Melinda June said...

I've always Freaks of the Week get sent prizes or trophies to recognize their achievement?

justacoolcat said...

This is the fearless leader we've all be waiting for.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this guy up close and personal several times and he is truely a freak. He is also vindictive and tireless in ruining the lives of those he sees as getting in his way.

Anonymous said...

I met this guy. He is a trip.

Anonymous said...

This freak is living in a bus on the big island and just tried to get my 16y.o. son to come live with him on his bus....some father somewhere is going to end this man soon I'm sure

Anonymous said...

He just filed for running for governor!!! July 2010

Anonymous said...

I seen this dude on t.v. Rocking the socks on his hands looking spastic; he just creeped me the hell out. Then three months later I seen him in real life on alakea st and he's even creepier in real life! How can you describe him? He has madness in his eyes.

Anonymous said...

The gleeful gods have arranged for Daniel to move in next-door as my new neighbor on the Big Island where he has arrived after being persuaded to leave Oahu. Like many of the mentally ill, he is an easy target for ridicule, and if he weren't so clearly dangerous to himself and anyone who accepts his bizarre notions about "prolotherapy", I might join in the laughter. I beleive Daniel needs help from someone who can stop him from further disastrous self-"medication". He is apparently routinely injecting himself with phenol, or carbolic acid, as a "prolotherapy". Have a gander at what phenol is on Wikipedia, especially the "Toxicity" section. The consequences of this practice of his have been disastrous to his hands, and, I suppose, may even explain his dementia.