Saturday, May 28, 2011

Law Enforcement Quote of the Week: naked dump truck edition

"It's a tense situation when someone enters your home in a one-ton dump truck."
-South Berwick, Maine Police Chief Dana Lajoie, referring to an incident in which 24-year-old Eli T. Hutchins crashed his Ford pickup truck into a condominium. Naked.

According to this story, Mr. Hutchins " drove over lawns and driveways until he hit the structure" after leaving another unit in the complex.

This brief piece from gives us a little more insight, reporting that Mr. Hutchins left a nearby party after getting into a fight before embarking on his naked drive. During the fight, reportedly started by Hutchins, he was struck in the head with a hammer.

Alcohol was involved.


SkylersDad said...

With some stories I don't think you need to add the "Alcohol was involved" disclaimer.

Joe said...

You're right, that's pretty much a given in this case. Although, meth or bath salts might have fit too.

Pace said...

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Joe said...

Why, Carrie, thank you for stopping by and contributing some nudist spam. That's a first for this blog.

Dale said...

I like that this story came on the heels of your Sunday Afternoon Cocktail return. Well played Bubs!

Johnny Yen said...

After much consideration, I'd have to say that naked driving seems to never have a good ending.