Friday, June 06, 2008

Post your spam Random Ten

Down The Line—Buddy Holly & Bob Montgomery

Bertha Lou—Dorsey Burnette

Trust Us (Take 9)—Captain Beefheart

Because—The Beatles

Get Rhythm—Johnny Cash

Fatback—Link Wray

Blue Moon—Elvis Presley

The Old Main Drag—The Pogues

Armalite Rifle—Gang of Four

What Keeps Mankind Alive—Tom Waits


I was sitting here with my coffee this morning, having just deposited the youngest at the steps of her school for the last day this summer, trying to think of something to write about.

I got nothing.

So, here's what I propose. In addition to Friday's random ten, why not post a random piece of spam, as a quote, with the quote attributed to its "author". So, without further ado, your Random Spam for today:

"Great things begin with your huge apparatus" --Martinenas

Here's hoping that you and your apparatus enjoy the weekend.


Some Guy said...

"You will see your penis on MTV"--Lesa

I can't wait!

Bubs said...

I should set up a bonus point system for anyone that can find non-penis related spam shouldn't I?

Doc said...

Me and my apparatus are going to be just fine once Flannery gets back from NYC after visiting with Beckeye, Coaster Punchman, and Poor George.

She is off having a good time and I'm stuck at home with my apparatus AND the kids.


SkylersDad said...

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Barbara Bruederlin said...

My most recent spam was a supposed job offer:
Other activities include distribution vortex engine
and numerical control miller and provision of
domestic trading services
- JAO Industries

Not as exciting as your huge apparatus however, but things so rarely are.

Erik Donald France said...

Besides a "cheque from Nigeria," all's well in Old Detroit (masses cheering Red Wings and booing the mayor during the parade in perfect surreality)

"Armalite Rifle" is one of the coolest songs this side of the Velvet Underground -- love it -- along with "Love is like a Case of Antrhax" . . .

Jewgirl said...

Fab. You know what would be highly festive, to try to spin a yarn out of all of our spam headlines. ooh, idea. Wouldn't that be funny?!

Let's do that on Monday.

PS: Do we know if Apparat-eye count? i.e., titskas?

Have a fab weekend.

Mazel Tov to youngest daughter on her last day of school.

lulu said...

So I got this spam the other day, "All Your Breast Enlargement Info From Top Breast Enlargement Sites." and I figured it couldn't be for me, because well, they certainly don't need to be larger, but in the interests of "Spam Friday" I opened it...

"Impress the ladies with the new tool in your pants, and watch them moan in pleasure when you fill them up deeper and more tightly.

Get your free bottles today, and change your life - why wait?"

I'm confused, is the ad for new tools, or for free bottles?

Distributorcap said...

at least some of mine was in english

eugene justin janet laura george lang green shih andy winnie nung rex tai cy laura ju chun david li phoebe sa rebecca zoe dean ry teng sc

Johnny Yen said...

Great list, as always.

Have you ever seen Mystery Train, the great Jim Jarmusch movie? There's a scene in it when a woman who is in Memphis picking up her husband's body sees Elvis' ghost in her hotel room while "Blue Moon" plays on the radio. The guy playing Elvis is Paula Jones' (as in Bill Clinton's Paula Jones) husband in real life.

I read an interview with Lennon years ago where he said that the opening of "Because" is the Moonlight Sonata played backward; that Yoko was doodling the Moonlight Sonata on the piano and he kept having her play it backward until he got the melody.