Friday, June 13, 2008

Late night, half-ass Random 5

Being the shiftless hillbilly slacker that I am, I procrastinated and put off doing my presentation until the last minute. Friday afternoon I have to do a 7 minute presentation on the brachial stun, one of my favorite techniques. I picked that as a topic because I've done it a bunch of times and know I can fill the time easily. Good thing, too, because I also got distracted by dishing out Las Vegas drinking tips to a friend of mine who's planning a trip there soon.


I really need to be in bed, like now, so instead of a random ten it's a random five this morning. I put them up in the music widget on the right.

Here goes:

Swordfishtrombone -- Tom Waits

Saving All My Love For You -- Tom Waits

Chelsea Hotel #2 -- Leonard Cohen

Hello Operator -- The White Stripes

Inside Me -- Jesus and Mary Chain


We did make it out to Tiki Terrace Wednesday night, and we were damn near heartbroke to find out we missed Amy Guth. She arrived there a half hour or so before we did, and split shortly thereafter in the face of a capacity crowd.

The brothers did a fine job and the place was full. We may have missed Ms. Guth, but we got there in time to watch a half dozen red hat ladies knock back the rest of their drinks and roll out tipsy. I managed to take just this one photo of the interior, but you can get an idea of the love that went into the place. This is a photo of the stage:

The taro chips were mighty tasty, and they have dropped the ill-conceived spam sushi from the menu. Life moves on.

On Friday, June 27, they're doing an Elvis "Aloha from Hawaii" dinner revue. Tickets are $17.50 and include grub. I think I might need to go see this.


Grant Miller said...

Nothing more fun than a group of tipsy redhat ladies.

Have you picked up the ScarJo album of Tom Waits covers? I think you should get it.

Erik Donald France said...

So that's What those Red Hat ladies are up to? Hmmmm.

Chelsea Hotel -- great Boho hotel, flop there every chance I can (for just under $300/night these days ;->

kirby said...

One of the moms started bringing that Spam musubi shit to the playground. The other moms were disgusted, but the kids actually ate it up.

Barbara Bruederlin said...

What, no spam sushi? What good is that place then?

I just heard about these red hat ladies for the first time the other day. Are they like mormons then?

Distributorcap said...

elvis and hawaii

now if ann margaret shows up

Mnmom said...

Red Hat Ladies are a force not to be ignored.

The Spam Museum in Austin Mn is flooded. Now it's soggy spam.

Jewgirl said...

Elviseeena, you need to see that revue and provide us with a photo/essay review!

Sorry you missed Missy Guth. I'm glad you got to see the red hats get their drink on, love a drunk r-hat. Makes everything right in the world, doesn't it?!


PS: love Tom Waits.

GETkristiLOVE said...

You have to go to all things Elvis!

Dale said...

You can't go wrong with your Random Five Bubs. I'm glad the Tiki is on again. Teach me that brachial stun thing.

vikkitikkitavi said...

I wish I could do that brachial stun thing. That looks better than a Vulcan nerve pinch.

Mnmom said...

Have you checked out Greg Brown yet?